(Non-giclée printing is available at lower prices, please inquire if interested.)

The standard giclée printing service is to reproduce original artworks no bigger than 1.25m (on the longer side) brought to me for copying, with prints made on Innova Soft Textured Natural White 315gsm or similar A4, A3, A3+ or A2 paper. The original is preferably left with me for at least 24 hours, after which the artist returns to approve the proof print and order one or more final prints. I can pick up originals and deliver prints in the local area at no extra charge. For pickup and/or delivery beyond the local area, larger originals and canvas prints please see below.

There is no charge for copying/proofing. Instead, a minimum print order applies to each image proofed: at least £30 worth of prints must be ordered and paid for when the proof is approved. There is no minimum for subsequent orders from the same image, or where proofing is not required.

There is a discount for quantity that depends not on order size but rather the total number of prints from a particular image over any number of orders. Prints five to nine are each discounted by 20% and each print after the ninth by 25%.

The standard prices are:

A4 £12
A3/A3+ £20
A2 £30

Larger prints can be made on roll paper (up to 17 inches wide) at £14 per square foot, with a minimum charge of £38. However, where both original and print (on paper or canvas) are particularly large, multiple image digitisation will be required, at a cost of £30 per original (see also “Small print” on this). Photography in situ can be arranged if required at an additional charge.

Prints can be made on canvas (rolls up to 17 inches wide) rather than paper at the following rates:

Up to two square feet £36
Two to four square feet £18 per square foot
Over four square feet £16 per square foot

Minor Photoshop work (e.g. “spotting”) is included in these prices, more extensive work is available at an additional charge determined on an individual basis.

“Small print,” please read:

  • Pickup and delivery beyond the local area are charged at 60p per mile for the return journey from postcode FK10 1HE (distances determined by Google Maps).
  • Where printing is charged by the square foot (on roll paper or canvas), the chargeable area is the image size, not the paper/canvas size.
  • Where different levels of discount apply to prints from the same image within one order, the larger discounts will be applied to the smaller prints, i.e. discounts will be applied as if prints were made in descending order of size.
  • Where multiple image digisation (MID) is required, and the initial order is for five or more A2 or larger prints, MID is free. However, the normal discount on prints five to nine does not apply in this case. (The higher discount rate starting with print ten will apply as usual.)
  • Prints are made on an Epson Stylus Pro 4900 printer using Epson UltraChrome HDR ink on high quality paper or canvas (particular requirements regarding the medium can usually be accommodated).
  • If the original is under glass it must be removed from the frame and I cannot take responsibility for such work.
  • Proof prints are normally made on A4 paper.
  • The printing price covers supply of the digital image file on CD (or other suitable media if you provide it). I will generally retain a copy but cannot guarantee its perpetual availability (even the best backup systems can occasionally fail).
  • The placing of a print order implies that the client has the appropriate legal rights—the printer can accept no responsibility in such matters.