More Eileen Gardner seascapes

Afternoon Surf

Rough Sea, Sandwick, Orkney

Majestic Surf

Crest of a Wave

This is the fourth year in a row that Eileen Gardner has brought her lovely pastels to me for printing. I wish her the best of luck for Open Studios North Fife 2016.

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Tom Lee’s Kelpies

The Kelpies by Tom Lee

A view of The Kelpies (@Wikipedia) painted by Tom Lee.

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Lee Allen’s Joker and the #fulldeckchallenge


This amazingly detailed pen-and-ink drawing by the highly talented Lee Allen is the first of many—54, to be exact—just the first to be printed, though, because Lee is actually around half way through this massive task, that he calls the #fulldeckchallenge.

So what’s that? I’ll let Lee tell the story himself, but I will say, it’s absolutely fascinating. And I’m very much looking forward to my own challenge, that of faithfully reproducing the rest of these marvelous works of art.

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What is this?

This is a one-person business, and what I do is to make reproductions of artworks using giclée printing. Please browse the posts below and/or the pages linked from the menu buttons above, or just go ahead and contact me.

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Karen Strang



A pair of nature studies in pastels by Karen Strang (on Facebook), another creative neighbour here.

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David Fagan


This lovely pastel woodland scene is by my neighbour here at Marcelle House (on Facebook), David Fagan (on Facebook).

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Hazel Ferrie



These charming paintings are by Hazel Ferrie, of Stanley, Perthshire, who recently asked me to digitise and print them, as well as printing some other images for which the originals were not available but which had been photographed. That’s not ideal but as long as the photographs are good it’s perfectly doable. What helped in this case is that there were previously made prints that I could use for colour matching. Hazel was good enough to give me a great testimonial for this job.

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More drawings by Fiona Campbell

More accomplished drawings by Fiona Campbell, whose prints can be bought from her Etsy shop.



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Kim Anne Nisbet

Just completed a biggish job for Kim Anne Nisbet, making prints from 12 original acrylic paintings. These are among the most vibrant works I’ve copied, presenting some technical challenges, but I learned from it and very much enjoyed having them in the shop. I won’t show all 12 here, just my favourites.






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Drawings by Fiona Campbell

Local artist Fiona Campbell picked up her prints yesterday and seems quite pleased with them. They’re from two graphite drawings—hope I’m not making too many assumptions when I say drawing really does seem to be her thing. See for yourself—



Fiona now has an Etsy Shop where you can buy these prints among other things.

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